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Posted on August 22, 2017 at 11:10 AM

In This Time... is a space to share thoughts and opinions on our role in changing the conversation around social justice.  Who would have thought that we would be discussing the place of white supremacy in the US government, our communities and our daily lives? How did we get to this place? The anger, frustration, hurt and pain are palpable.  We have gone to a place where we look at those we thought to be neighbors and friends with caution if we know that they voted for 45. How could someone who calls me friend, believe that the actions of 45 are not dangerous both domestically and internationally? How can someone who calls me friend say that they voted for change and that this change is acceptable? How can someone who calls me friend believe that 45's actions will improve their station in life (it won't!) while endangering mine simply because I am a black woman in America?

I am in a constant state of incredulity because of the daily news reports of how 45 has alienated another part of the US citizenry or allies yet the Republican Congressional leadership does not have the strength or courage to openly denounce his words and actions.  They somehow believe that 45 will support their agenda when all evidence points to him not.  Can we say Health Care? 

In This Time... we have a choice.  We can rant and rave in our living rooms or we can take action.  Action can take many forms.  We can join the reisistance.  There are groups in every community.  We can call our congress representatives and have our voices heard. (Though in DC we have little recourse as we have only one congressional representative with no real power).  We can run for office. We can support those candidates with social justice values by working on their campaigns. We can also have an impact in our communities.

In This Time... we can look at where we work and see where we can effect change.  We can look to our neighborhoods and see where we can effect change.  We can look to our circles of influence and see where we can effect change. We can look to our families and see where we can effect change. And we can look within ourselves and see where we can effect change.

In This Time... is a space where we can take our power back!  Here, we'll share opportunities where everyday people have made a change and talk about how we can take these ideas and translate them to our lives.  As June Jordan first said, "we are the ones we have been waiting for."

...And who will join this standing up

and the ones who stood without sweet company

will sing and sing

back into the mountains and

if necessary

even under the sea

we are the ones we have been waiting for

from June Jordan 's  Poem for South African Women


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In This Time...We Need Action​